This website was developed by the Police Service of NI (PSNI), the Craigavon Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) and SELB Youth Service in order to provide information to young people about events taking place within the Borough. The roles of each of the organizations include:


selbSELB Youth Service – to engage, support and advise young people to provide opportunities for personal development and encourage individuals to acquire core skills, and nurture moral values embedding responsibility, respect and appreciation thereby enriching life in the community and contributing to Northern Ireland’s economic development.
PSNI LogoPSNI – to engage with young people in youth organisation led activities to build relationships between the police and young people.
Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 09.25.50PCSP – to support the interfacing between young people, the SELB Youth Service and PSNI in order to reduce anti-social behaviour and general disorder.


The organizations believe that the benefits would be as follows:

Benefits for young people:

  • Up to date information on what’s on and where
  • Help for them to plan attendance
  • Discover new projects of interest
  • Feedback on ideas, on youth provision, for the website and other possible issues
  • Specific related information is automatically feed to them securely through facebook

Benefits for youth providers:

  • Identify gaps in terms of ‘type’ of activity, times and dates vacant to plan for the future
  • Identify possible duplication; providers could work in partnership to reduce costs.
  • Mapping will allow potential to maximise attendance of events, see when young people are free and can be provided for

Benefits for PCSP:

  • Can utilize to promote Borough-wide CSP events to engage young people
  • CSP can identify projects which meet DOJ objectives and support
  • Signpost agencies and colleagues to site for information and to avoid duplication
  • Effective communication with all youth providers

Benefits for PSNI:

  • Daily information on current youth provision.
  • Maximise engagement opportunities
  • PSNI can “sign post” young people to relevant youth provision in each area.
  • Help reduce levels of youth related ASB through improved diversionary opportunities.
  • Improve overall quality of life for Young people

Youth events in Craigavon